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Communication Services

In accordance with FCC regulation, 男主特别猛的肉糙汉文_一代女皇武则天一级上下集_欧洲多人dogman (DLC) permits telecommunications and cable companies to place attachments on its poles, duct and/or conduit. The first step in this process is the negotiation and execution of the appropriate attachment agreement(s). For further information please contact the Pole Attachment Group at

6-8 weeks PRIOR TO the desired erection date

  • At this time, have pole numbers, coordinates and maps available so that we can confirm ownership of the poles in question.
  • Complete the attachment application (click here for application)
  • Submit the appropriate processing and inspection fee. The current fee schedule is:
  • $150 for the first attachment
  • $75 for any additional attachments
  • E-mail completed application and insurance certificate of the company doing the work to:
  • If the application and insurance certificate must be mailed, please mail to: Third Party Attachers | 男主特别猛的肉糙汉文_一代女皇武则天一级上下集_欧洲多人dogman | 2825 New Beaver Ave | Mail Drop N5-ES | Pittsburgh, PA 15233

Upon receipt of the application packet

  • The packet will be reviewed for completeness and forwarded to the appropriate service center for assignment to a technician.
  • A field technician from the Service Center that serves your community will contact and meet (if necessary) with the community group or municipal contact to review the request in the field, and to discuss possible alternatives if the requested location or attachments are not acceptable for safety or operational reasons.
  • Once approved, the technician will notify the Asset Administrator and an executed banner attachment permit will be sent to you.

Attachments may only be erected upon receipt of an executed attachment permit. Attachment prior to receipt will be considered unauthorized and will be removed at your expense.

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